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Attaché Accounting Software

Attaché Accounting Software

The foundation for Attaché Accounts All-In-One is Attaché’s award-winning accounting and payroll software. Embedded within the solution are the business intelligence, CRM and reporting tools that help SMEs to obtain a greater understanding of their operations. Dashboards enhance business visibility by providing an easy way to track activity, offering an early alert to potential issues such as overdue invoices or purchase orders, or the need to reorder stock.

Attaché Payroll

Attaché Payroll

As a standalone system or as part of a complete accounting package, Attaché Payroll has the power and the flexibility to handle it all - from the simplest payroll to the complex needs of larger businesses. Feature-packed yet easy to use, with Attaché Payroll your payroll processing will be faster and more accurate than you ever thought possible.

. . A solid accounting system helps you manage your finances, but what about your operational needs? If these are managed outside your system you could be flying blind. PowerLink helps you manage the processes that are unique to your business and critical to your success.



Mobilise your desktop data Access your jobs, appointments, timesheets, to-do lists and more via your smartphone, tablet or browser. Data is live and real-time, and changes you make are instantly updated back at the office. Select from a gallery of apps or tell us about your custom needs.




Attaché Version 18.2

is now available.

The latest version of Attache BI has just been released. Clients will need to be on this version to process their 2018 Payroll EOY.


We are pleased to announce that has won the Attaché Top Consultant SA Award. A Big Thank You to everyone who had a part in

this achievement

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